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December 1, 2015 -- The cast of the upcoming movie 'Gods Of Egypt' is mostly white.

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That prompted criticism followed by apology from the film's director Alex Proyas: “The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made.”

The hate attack against the movie's production company sends a message of intolerance to other producers: Hollywood productions that fail to meet racial quotas will suffer the wrath of the intolerant left. 

The notion that movie cast selections must be race based contradicts the notion that content of character trumps skin tone.

Expect everything produced by Hollywood to tout multiculturalism.

Hollywood productions may contain offensive language and images, but they must not offend the predatory left.

The media is adamant in saturating our minds with multiculturalism and globalism.

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As the headline states, Lions Gate Entertainment  (NYSE: LGF) has released an official statement in response to criticisms regarding the casting choices of Alex Proyas’s Gods of Egypt. As I wrote when the trailer dropped, the (previously released) character posters confirmed, much to the chagrin of the Internet, that Gods of Egypt is a period-piece, fantasy adventure based in Egypt, but most of the main characters are white. The film is yet another movie based in an African continent filled with Australian, Swedish, English, and French actors playing would-be Egyptian humans and gods. Well, Lionsgate seems to have heard the controversy regarding the so-called “whitewashing” (sometimes referred to as “racebending”) and has shared their official statement with me.

Alex Proyas: “The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologize to those who are offended by the decisions we made.”

Lionsgate:  ”We recognize that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity, for which we sincerely apologize. Lionsgate is deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of our audiences. We have, can and will continue to do better.​​”

For what it’s worth, this is a somewhat different response to this sort of thing than we’ve seen in the past. Be it Ridley Scott (rather honestly) admitting that casting a bunch of white actors was critical to getting international funding for 20th Century Fox's  Exodus or Joe Wright claiming Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly in Warner Bros./Time Warner TWX +0.00% Inc.’s Pan was merely one of an otherwise multicultural group of warriors, the usual response is a kind of justification.

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  1. I just see Hollywood now as Gays, Blacks and Jews, oh yeah with millionaire actresses jumping on the equal pay victim hood bandwagon recently too.
    Then to make it as an actor you have to succumb to the man, woman, child casting couch, gross.
    Actors in medieval times were in the same social chaste as prostitutes, feigning falling in love with a stranger at the drop of a hat.
    Its apt they in these times they're our moral examples.
    Edison had his camera design ripped off by New York types a moment after he invented it, then it was counterfeited in Minsk, with the first prototypes of porn showing up in profitable penny arcades.
    Edison and Disney's vision for entertainment was for it to be wholesome and Christian, those days are long gone.

    1. That's why I only watch old movies. Just finished watching "The Shootist". There's no movie like a John Wayne movie.

    2. I have it hard to watch anything made after about the year 2000.
      I know the further back you go the better it gets, such as a White London or Paris circa 1960's.

  2. Other countries really don't want to see negroes on screen, especially Asians, and films that have them do poorly there. Kosher Hollywood usually values profits over "social justice." The Egyptians were swarthy, but they weren't negroes, as depictions in their tombs clearly show a difference between them and their black Nubian slaves.