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December 31, 2015 -- Nadia Murad  said she was kidnapped and raped. The 21-year-old Iraqi woman was sold as a sex slave and faced daily horrors.

The young woman spoke at Cairo University telling listeners that religious zealots entered her village and promptly murdered children, the elderly, and young men.

The young women and girls were kept alive to serve as sex slaves.

The question to ask: Which religious group committed this atrocities.

Were they:


Hint: The religion is 1,400 years old and is the world's largest and deadliest hate group.
Hint: Hillary Clinton wants to import hundreds of thousands of members of this hate group.

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A brave victim of Islamic State who was captured in her home and sold as a sex slave has told of the daily horrors she was subjected to.

Nadia Murad, 21, is from the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, which is heavily populated by the Yazidi community.

Considered infidels by ISIS militants, many from the Yazidi community are stolen from their homes and told into a sex trade.

Miss Murad is one among thousands of women and children ISIS have taken and forced to become sex salves.

Speaking at Cairo University in Egypt, she told students: "When Daesh entered my village, they killed children, the old and young men.

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"The next day, they killed the old women and led the young girls, including me, to Mosul.

"In Mosul, I saw thousands of Yazidi women where they were distributed to their slave masters.

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  1. yes, but who invaded Iraq under the pretense of removing Weapons of Mass Destruction which were never found ? And for what country was the regime of Saddam Hussein smashed ?

    France ? Japan ? Botswana ? No, Israel.

    1. Come off it; to stay in power after the second invasion of Iraq Saddam Hussein signed a treaty to allow US inspections of his military facilities without restrictions, which he violated from day one. He frequently fired misses at US airplanes in the no fly zones. This went on for a very long time. The US had every right to invade and remove him from power by virtue of his repeated treaty violations alone. Get off the selective use of historical facts that make the US look bad. Iraq played games to make it appear that they were infect hiding weapons from the US.

      Remember the first invasion of Iraq was because of its invasion of Kuwait.

  2. You mean the WMD's that were viewed crossing the Syrian border in the weeks before the war, which have now been used on the public, not to mention the 100's of roadside shells which have been used on coalition forces. Oh yeah, but, better just believe what CNN tells you...

  3. To be honest, we never should've gotten involved over there back in '90-'91, or again in 2003, but the whole point of this article is that Muslims are vicious savages who need the biggest one in charge of the rest to keep them in line.