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December 28, 2015 -- Police have made one arrest and more may be forthcoming after a mob of about 100 "teens" brawled at a shopping mall in South Jersey, New Jersey.

News reports say hundreds were involved in a disturbance near the food court at the Deptford Mall.

Post Christmas brawls are routine throughout the United States. The riots are caused by boredom and social media according to politicians. Riots are also caused by white privilege, global warming, microaggressions, social injustice, and free market capitalism. They are not caused by village-raised urban savages who possess average IQs under 90. .

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Criminal charges could be filed in connection with a South Jersey mall brawl this weekend that spilled from inside the mall into the parking lot, police said on Monday.

Deptford Police were called to the Deptford Mall about 8:30 p.m. Saturday, when they said hundreds of people were involved in a disturbance near a food court area inside the mall.

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  1. its funny how the msm make it seem less with teens and disturbance lol its a CHIMPOUT all over the world and EVERYBODY knows it.