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December 14, 2015 -- Shirt patterns that include edelweiss, a flower that grows in the Alps, are considered racist and xenophobic, according to a school in Switzerland.

Ten students at a secondary school in Gossau were, consequently, sent home for wearing such offensive shirts.

The ten students decided to show up at school with peasant shirts and singing patriotic songs to show their "pride of being Swiss," reports say.

Students from the Balkans found the shirts offensive.

The schools principal admitted the shirts fell well within the school's dress code, but concluded that they were racist and xenophobic because the students conspired to wear them the same day to demonstrate their cultural pride.

A similar controversy occurred last March in Willisau, Switzerland. The school there initially banned edelweiss shirts but reversed the ban when patriots complained.
school had come to back down

• It seems multiculturalists are a bit choosy when it comes to determining which cultures are to be included in their rainbow of diversity.

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  1. I am White and proud of it. Why is it that some would consider me racist? If someone was Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. and proud of it, no one would consider them racists. If you're not proud of who/what you are (this includes race) isn't that stupid? I'm not really offended if someone non white is proud of their race. Why can't they be the same way with me?

    1. Completely agree.
      These girls weren't even being overtly proud White, but just proud to be from the Swiss nationality and that's enough to be considered racist now?
      It must be in the small print that multiculturalism celebrates all cultures, barring the host culture.

  2. Because being proud of being White reminds certain races that Whites created most of the things that made the world progress.This makes the inferior ones realize that they haven't contributed anything of great value to anyone.Though they will use all the thing that Whites created,especially the internet to spread their hatred.

  3. White natives of a country don't get to have pride in their ethnic heritage and get punished by "tolerant" liberals when they do.