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December 19, 2015 -- Some things you just can't say on television.

A major news network in Sweden has created a list of banned words that may result in George Carlin to turn in his grave.

Viewers of SVT will not hear talking heads use the word "immigrant" when referring to Muslims. Rather the network will use the term, "foreign born."

Muslim, including terrorists, will be referred to as "Swedish" or "Swedes" if they possess a Swedish passport.

"White, fair skinned, ruddy" and "East Asian appearance" are approved speech, according to the manual. However, "concepts of black and dark skin can arouse criticism."

Ethnic descriptions will be allowed, but only when reporting hate crimes.

Sveriges Television AB is Sweden's "public" (read, "government") television network.

Carlin, by the way, was cremated.

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  1. Sweden has been emasculated by the PC police. Where are some head cleaving Vikings when you need them?

  2. How about the more accurate and descriptive term "future terrorist"?