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December 24, 2015 -- Omar Haji Mohamed, a Somali citizen, found work after coming to America: Smuggling Mexicans across our border.

According to,

Agents say Mohamed was driving a silver Volvo SUV with two other passengers. After an investigation, agents say they determined the two passengers were: Gilberto Alcantar and Alma Delia Reyes-Castillo. Both were illegal immigrants from Mexico, according to an affidavit. The criminal complaint alleges that Alcantar and Reyes-Castillo told agents, "They had made arrangements to enter the United States illegally....their guide instructed them to find a gray Volvo SUV after entering the United States." Both Alcantar and Reyes-Castillo identified Mohamed as their driver, according to the criminal complaint.
Notice there are no Somalis helping Americans sneak into Mexico, nor are there Mexican helping American sneak into Somalia.

What is it about our nation that attracts Mexicans and Somalis? What is about Somalia and Mexico that make them unattractive?

Free market capitalism coupled with innovation has created wealth in Western nations as before seen in human history. That wealth will diminish when people groups that are not innovative and who prefer government controlled economies overwhelm us.

It is inhumane to allow the life-enhancing qualities of Western culture be destroyed. Appeasing the errant philosophies of Marxism is hardly a justifiable excuse to do nothing while Western nations are overrun. Allowing ourselves to be intimidated by pejoratives such as "racists" and "xenophobes" is equally inexcusable.

If Western nations are to continue to provide life-enhancing technology — including health care — we must protect our borders from insurgents.

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