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December 2, 2015 -- Once again we're reminded why privileged white liberals hide out in Jim Crow suburban neighborhoods, isolated from the reality of urban crime.

Frankie Santana, 23, says he was the victim of a savage beating in the stairwell of a Pontiac, Mich. apartment complex where he lives among savagery.

Two black males video recorded themselves beating their victim, then posted the video to the victim's Facebook page. Urban savages typically have IQ under 90.

The video was then posted on the Internet by theOakland County Sheriff’s Office.

The crime was reported Dec. 2, 2015. The victim appears to be Hispanic.

• Meanwhile, black college students around the nation continue to protest what they view as 'microagressions' that are likely excuses to explain failing grades.

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Documented in some of the most graphic videos ever released by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, two youths were charged Tuesday with the vicious beating of a 23-year-old Pontiac man who has cerebral palsy.

In the video — filmed by the man’s attackers and posted on their Facebook page, according to police — the victim can be seen lying on the concrete floor of an apartment building’s stairwell while his assailants kick and pummel him while shouting profanities and calling him the "n" word.

"Preying on those in our community who suffer from disabilities will not be tolerated and furthermore, to have the audacity to post their actions on the victim’s page is beyond belief," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement, adding:  "I am proud of the deputies at the Pontiac substation and the excellent investigative work that was completed in order to bring these two cowards to justice."

According to police, deputies responded to the Phoenix Place Apartments at 8:30 a.m. Monday, after a caller said an injured man was lying in front of the building. Officers determined that the victim "was robbed of his cell phone while he was inside his apartment and, after following the assailants, he was beaten by them inside a stairwell," said a news release from Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe.

"Detectives learned that the suspects had filmed the assault using the victim's cell phone and then proceeded to post the video to the victim's Facebook page as well as their own personal pages," McCabe said in the release. Hours after the beating, police arrested the suspects and the pair was arraigned Tuesday in 50th District Court in Pontiac, McCabe said.

Authorities have not released the name of the victim, but Frankie Santana, a resident at the complex, told WJBK-TV that he was the man who was assaulted.

"Why would they do that and put it on Facebook? That's how you are going to get caught real quickly," Santana said.

Santana said the men spit and stomped on him, injuring an eye, but that "nothing is broke." He said he had seen one of the men before, but suspected that they snuck into the apartment complex.

"I crawled through the hallway and knocked on someone's door and that's how I got help," Santana told the TV station.

Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey, both 20 and residents of Pontiac, were charged with home invasion, unarmed robbery and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder; and Judge Michael Martinez assigned $25,000 cash bonds to each, McCabe said. Walker has a prior conviction for auto theft and Bey for larceny, trespassing, possession of stolen goods, resisting police and a drug charge, McCabe said in his release. If convicted, they could be sent to prison for 10 years.

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  1. Two against one, and the victim had cerebral palsy! They be some badazz niggas!

  2. Defending blacks must be getting harder and harder.