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December 6, 2015 -- Eddie Ricky Nealy was sent to death row by a judge in California. Nealy was convicted of raping and murdering 14-year-old Jody Lynn Wolf 30 years ago.

Convicts typically spend about ten years on death row prior to execution. We estimate that Nealy will die about 40 years after he took the life of an innocent little girl.

Jody Lynn may have been required to read the white-guilt novel The Kill A Mockingbird in school. The book is mandatory reading in many school districts. The novel and the subsequent film teach white Americans to empathize with black males accused of rape and that only narrow-minded, ignorant bigots would do otherwise.

Jody Lynn was raped and murder by Nealy in Fresno, Calif. in 1985.

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Eddie Ricky Nealy, whom a prosecutor called one of the most dangerous men in Fresno County’s history, was sentenced Friday to California’s death row for the 1985 rape and killing of Fresno teen Jody Lynn Wolf.

Judge Arlan Harrell’s voice cracked and he nearly cried in Fresno County Superior Court when he announced Nealy’s death sentence.

Nealy, however, remained calm throughout the proceedings.

Nealy, 58, received the death penalty after a jury in September 2013 convicted him of rape and the first-degree murder of 14-year-old Jody, whose nude body was discovered floating face up in a southwest Fresno canal on Aug. 15, 1985. The runaway was wearing only knee-high socks. An autopsy revealed she died of blunt-force trauma to the back of her head and had been dead at least two days.

In its decision, the jury said Nealy should be executed for killing Jody.

“It was a cold, vicious murder in the commission of a rape,” Harrell said in announcing Nealy’s punishment.

Weighing in the decision, Harrell said, was Nealy’s penchant to target women and children.

The judge said there was evidence presented at Nealy’s trial that showed he had killed Mary Charlotte Barnett in July 1988, but Nealy never was tried for it.

Barnett’s nude body was found in a southwest Fresno field. She was hogtied and had a purse strap and brassiere tightly wrapped around her neck. The coroner said Barnett died as a result of ligature strangulation and had cuts, bruises and fractures on her face, as well as on other parts of her body.

Nealy was charged with capital murder in August 1991 in connection with Barnett’s killing. But the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the murder case in October 1992 after a key witness either declined to testify or was unavailable, court records say.

Harrell said Nealy’s other convictions included three rapes, one robbery and child abuse.

Currently 747 people are on California’s death row. The last Fresno County defendant to receive the death penalty was Marcus Wesson in 2005. Wesson orchestrated the 2004 killings of nine of his children.

Nealy’s crime was also heinous.

Prosecutor Steve Wright said Nealy took advantage of a young girl who smoked and drank alcohol and hung out with older men. Jody was killed about a week after running away from home after her mother checked into a drug treatment program, testimony revealed.

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  1. This primate will never truly pay for his crime, since Commiefornia only executes about one inmate every five years.