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December 23, 2015 -- Insurgents pretending to be refugees in Italy are nonplussed over the abject discrimination they are facing. The layabouts are particular upset due to the lack of life staples, such as free WiFi that allows them to tinker with their iPhones.

The protesters are from sub-Saharan Africa.

The group is agonizing because making Skpe calls to friends and family back in their impoverished and crime-ridden homelands isn't possible without WiFi.

Reports say the protesters blocked main roads as a means to get their message heard.

• In reality sub-Saharan Africans are fleeing miserable conditions in sub-Saharan Africa caused by sub-Saharan Africans. In effect the sub-Saharan Africans are attempting to escape themselves; a logistical impossibility.

Sub-Saharan Africa was introduced to life-enhancing Western technology in the 19th century. The injection of Western culture rapidly lifted the region from a millenia-old paleolithic existence to modern enhancements.

The influx of Marxist ideology, however, convinced many black Africans that they were being exploited by Europeans. Convinced their benefactors were, in fact, oppressors, African nations pressed for indigenous rule. The outcome was devastating. Much of sub-Saharan Africa plunged into Third-world status, dependent upon Western technology to resolve pressing issues such as the Ebola epidemic and food and water shortages.

To escape their pathetic existence, many sub-Saharan Africans took advantage of the globalist trend to erase world-wide economic disparities by opening the borders of European Union nations to massive migration. Once arriving in Europe, many Africans found they could not effectively compete with natives who had an aggregate IQ level about 20 points higher than their own. Hence the disruption in Italy.

Marxism continues to persuade Africans that their plight is due to racial discrimination, not innate intelligence. The problem of economic disparity will remain without resolution because the underlying cause of economic disparity is intelligence disparity. Admitting that obvious reality is anathema to Marxism which benefits from ignoring the truth.

The few courageous individuals bold enough to acknowledge reality have been severely abused with ridicule, stigmatized as 'racists,' shunned, and punished with professional ostracism. Even Nobel Laureates James Watson was not exempt from punishment for his brash brush with reality.

Consequently the agitation continues, as made evident in sub-Saharan Africans disruptions in Italy.

The outcome: Africans lose. Europeans lose. Marxism wins. Both Africans and Europeans are being exploited by Marxism. is committed to defying the cult of denial imposed upon us by cultural Marxism. Hence the Orwellian idiom, In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

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A group of refugees in the north of Italy have emptied their rubbish into the streets, furious that their requests for a cleaner and Wi-Fi have not been met.

The 24 protesting refugees from sub-Saharan Africa have been asking for somebody to help then maintain order at the duplex villa in the town of Ceranova where they have been housed since last summer.

They are also upset that Wi-Fi has not been installed in the villa, meaning they can't make Skype calls to their relatives back home, La Repubblica reported.

The protests first took place late last week when the town's refugees blocked main roads to get their message across.

And the situation soon took a turn for the worse when the refugees began to tip out their rubbish in the sleepy towns main streets to make their point.

The scene led to heated arguments between the refugees and members of the local community and the town's mayor, Alessandro Grieco, had to intervene personally with the help of three police officers to defuse the situation.

“Obviously it's very important for refugees to have access to the internet and not just so they can stay in touch with their families,” Barbara Spezzi, who manages a refugee center near Turin, told The Local.

The internet helps refugees keep up to date with what's going on at home and in Italy which helps them integrate into Italian life. It's also a great learning tool too: we had a case of a girl who was following her university lectures on YouTube.”

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  1. they are the garbage, its stupid to let rats in your house then wonder why its hell to live in. liberalism is the dumbest hoax ever created.