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December 21, 2015 -- The mainstream Marxist media is playing the race card in Germany.

At issue is Björn Höcke, an intellectual, former teacher, and member of the assembly (diet) in state of Thuringia in Germany. He is a member of the Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD), a patriotic political party that is routinely demonized as "far right" by the media.

Specifically, Höcke says the r/K selection theory is cause for concern and reason to retool Europe's immigration policies.

In essence, Höcke says there is a noted divergence in innate reproductive strategies between Africans and Europeans. Africans reproduce for growth (r strategy) while among Europeans the emphasis is on efficiently utilizing space and commodities (K strategy) rather than population growth. The net result is an increased growth in African populations and a stagnation or even decline in European populations.

Höcke claims Europeans are self-abnegating (self-destructive) and are given to "decadence" that produce an additional negative pressure on population growth.

That biological reality is cause to restructure Europe's immigration and asylum policies, he believes.

The left, as expected, views Höcke's observations as ravings from the perspective of discredited pseudo-science in much the same way it denounces intelligence differences between races.

Read  more about the r/K selection theory here or google the search term r/K selection theory.

Rats utilized the r-selection strategy in that that produce many offspring with less parental care, a phenomenon observed in America's urban communities. Without the advantage of modern health care, the r strategy would normally result in a low-survival, high-mortality rate.

The K-selection strategy produces fewer offspring with high-survival, low-morality rate. Whales follow the K-selection strategy, having fewer offspring with high survival rates.

Oddly, the predatory left embraces the pseudo-science of climate change, previously known as global warming.

The video presentation below is in German.

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  1. Whites are certainly hellbent on their own destruction, unfortunately. I tend to think the most decadent and depraved, which constitute the bulk of those who identify with the Left, believe that adopting suicidal policies is penance and atonement, not sheer folly, as it appears to the conservatives.