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December 27, 2015 -- Three children attacked a Kansas City, Mo. man.

Identified only as Donovan, the man is confined to a wheelchair.

Donovan, 57, said he was leaving a convenient store when the three kids literally jumped him, demanding cash.

“He told me, he said, ‘Give me some money or we’re going to rob you!’” the victim recalled.

“They jumped up on my wheel chair, jumped up on my lap,” he said. “This one kid came straight at me and jumped up on me and they’re grabbing and shoving their hands in every pocket I got, and you know, there’s three of them!”
• Village-raised children grow up to be urban savages. Many become savages before they reach adolescence. Parents are typically a welfare mom and a father who has no sense of obligation and no participation in parenting.

Many — but not all — Africans in America seems to be following the r/K theory in which some population groups, such as rats, depend on large numbers of offspring to create a progeny. Other population groups, such as blue whales, depend on fewer offspring but invest in nurturing and good parenting.

Many black mothers in America's urban areas do very little parenting while the fathers do virtually no patently beyond donating sperm.

Tragically, the predatory left cares little for America's black population. The left prefers to retain blacks in a perennial state of government dependence in exchange for support on election day. The strategy seems to be working as blacks in America overwhelmingly support the big-government polices of the predatory left.  

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  2. he should get some ape repellent.

    1. Always carry a pair of work boots or a job application. That scares them off.