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December 20, 2015 -- Outraged that their culture was being displaced by Islam, voters in Poland elected a hard-line, patriotic government.

The far-left media is demonizing the new government by portraying it as anti-Semetic., a leading far-left web site, posted an article this week in which isolated cases of apparent anti-Semitism was emphasized, depicting the patriots as little more than Nazis.

You may read the hate here ►

Poland is one of the few Western nations where patriots have effectively mobilized to counter globalist oppression. The nation was in the grips of Bolshevik communism for decades during which time a generation of Poles learned through experience the oppression of the far left. The same is true in east Germany where the patriot movement has taken root.

The Bolsheviks have not gone away.

Rebranding themselves as the Committee for the Defence of Democracy, the loser in this year's election have taken to the streets by the thousands to protest the patriot government's reshuffling of the nation's highest court.

The patriot majority currently controls both houses of parliament and the presidency.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

Image credit: Agata Grzybowska / Reuters

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  1. nazis haha where they at so i can join.