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December 22, 2015 -- While Muslims occupy themselves blowing things up — there have been 27,477 confirmed terror attacks worldwide since 9-11, 2001 — authorities in Britain are investigating a real hate crime: Two pig heads placed near a Muslim school.


One of the heads was left by the gates of Markazul Uloom boarding school in Blackburn and the other was thrown over the walls on Saturday. The incident is being treated as a hate crime and happened between 5pm on Friday and 8.30am on Saturday morning. Chief Inspector Sheena Tattum, of Blackburn Police, said: "This is being treated extremely seriously and we understand the concern that incidents like this, while thankfully rare, can cause in the community.
Ridiculous hate crime laws are used as psychological leverage to hyper-sensitize Westerners to opposition to their own destruction. Islamic insurgents impose themselves on white Europeans (and American, et al). Those who object are promptly whipped in line by accusations of racism.

Ours is the first generation to witness the displacement of Western culture. Most Britons who are 50 year old or older can remember a time when their nation was nearly homogeneous. When this generation passes, those memories will be lost forever as globalism rewrites history.

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