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December 20, 2015 -- Were it not for the likes of Cecil Rhodes, much of east Africa would still be living in a paleolithic existence of grass huts.

The life enhancements brought to Africa by Western colonists is lost on cultural-cleansing campaigners.

Such is the case at Oxford College in England. The college is considering removing a statue honoring Rhodes who brought education, healthcare, and other advancements to the natives of Rhodesia.

A plaque at the college honoring Rhodes has already been removed.

The globalist objective, of course, is to displace Western culture. Part of genocide movement is erasing cultural history and accomplishments by creating a false narrative in which Western innovators are portrayed as demonic racists.

The strategy is in keeping with the advice of Karl Marx: Accuse others of what you do.

We it not for Western innovation — introduced to Africa by colonists such as Rhodes — the Ebola virus would have gone unchecked allowing millions of black Africans to die in a catastrophic epidemic.

Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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  1. Rhodesia is now the third-world because they kicked out almost all the whites and ran it into the ground, like all negro-run governments. I'm sure the negroes and other dark-skinned minorities still accept Rhodes' money in the form of his scholarships to study at Oxford, however.