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December 17, 2015 -- Here's another example of why I video record my life.

A Muslim woman was attempting to park at an Austin, Texas restaurant. She and her friend took offense when they later overheard an 81-year-old man tell his wife the Muslim driver, “should go back to taking lessons again.”

The media account portrays the old man as an intolerant and Islamophobic bigot. However, patrons who witnessed the encounter tell a different story. They say the Muslim driver and her female companion were obnoxious and may be guilty of harassment. They even used hate speech, patrons say, using the pejorative Islamophobe to describe the gentleman.

• My vehicles are equipped with video cameras. I carry a smart phone and usually turn on the video recorder prior to entering a public space, including restaurants, banks, stores, etc.

There is a  growing hostility against white people and the mainstream Marxist media is complicit in distorting the truth.

Before you use a video recorder, be certain to familiarize yourself with state and local laws regarding video and audio recording in public.

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  1. the reverse is true just remember what the media says reverse it then you have the truth simple.