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December 13, 2015 -- One week after stunning upsets in the first round of elections, Marine Le Pen's National Front appears to be taking a step backwards in France.

In the second round of elections held today, exit polls reveal the party losing in all 13 of regional elections.

The party has suffered from abusive hate meted by the mainstream Marxist media, instilling fear in voters. The nation's prime minister Manuel Valls said a win by the National Front could trigger a civil war.

The media portray the party as extremist and "far right."

Even with the anticipated losses, the National Front has made impressive gains.

• We expect the globalist left will ramp up immigration of non-whites most likely to vote against Marine Le Pen in upcoming elections to deprive native French of choosing their own government.

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French far right leader Marine Le Pen pledged to keep fighting to expand voter support for her National Front party, striking an upbeat tone despite a stinging defeat in regional elections.

Le Pen's National Front dominated the first round of voting Dec. 6 across the country, but voters on the left and right appeared to band together to keep the anti-immigrant party from winning control of any region in Sunday's runoff.

Speaking as results came in, she said in the weeks ahead she will "rally all the French, of all origins, who want to take part with us."

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