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December 19, 2015 -- An Iraqi woman said she was held for three days by Muslims during which time she was beaten, humiliated and raped.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha, 21, told the United Nations Security Council the objective of her tormentors was to assure women never again live a normal life.

The victim says she wants ISIS wiped out.

• The problem, however, isn't merely ISIS. It's all of Islam.

• Meanwhile in the United States, pseudo-feminists continue their war against Western white men and the 1950's white housewife.

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21-year-old Yazidi woman described three months of torture as ISIS victim
She was abducted from her home in Iraq by ISIS militants last August
She described being held in a fighter's home, being raped until she fainted
ISIS trades women and children from minority Yazidi people as 'war booty'
UN described ISIS's treatment of the Yazidi people as a possible genocide

ISIS fighters, as she was held as a sex slave for three months.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha described her nightmare imprisonment before the United Nations Security Council, pleading with it to wipe out the terror group.

The 21-year-old described the persecution the Yazidi people face under ISIS, which trades women and children from the minority population as ‘war booty’.

‘Rape was used to destroy women and girls and to guarantee that these women could never lead a normal life again,’ she said, visibly shaking with the effort of recounting her story.

Nadia described to the 15-member council how she was snatched from her village in Iraq by ISIS fighters in August last year.

She was then taken by bus to a building in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul.

‘Along the way, they humiliated us. They touched us and violated us,’ she continued.

I was absolutely petrified. When I looked up, I saw a huge man. He looked like a monster.
Nadia Murad Basee Taha, 21

‘They took us to Mosul with more than 150 other Yazidi families. In a building, there were thousands of Yazidi families and children who were exchanged as gifts.

‘One of these people came up to me. He wanted to take me. I looked down at the floor. I was absolutely petrified.

When I looked up, I saw a huge man. He looked like a monster.’

She continued: ‘I cried. I cried out, I said “I’m too young and you’re huge”. He hit me. He kicked me and beat me.

‘And a few minutes later, another man came up to me. I still was looking at the floor.

‘I saw that he was a little bit smaller. I begged him. I implored him for him to take me. I was incredibly scared of the first man.

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