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December 30, 2015 -- The suspect accused of fatally shooting Richard ‘Danny’ Wren, 31, is still on the run.

Authorities say 30-year-old Anthony Marks shot Wren near the victim's apartment after a minor argument.

Kalina Lowe was seven  months pregnant when she saw her boyfriend shot dead.

The crime occurred in September, 2015, in Phoenix, Az.

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A Valley family is pleading for answers after a North Phoenix man was gunned down in front of his pregnant girlfriend.

Richard ‘Danny’ Wren, 31, was murdered by his neighbor outside of his apartment in early September. The suspect, 30-year-old Anthony Marks, is still on the run, investigators said.

“I was seven months pregnant when he was killed,” said Kalina Lowe, Wren’s girlfriend. She was there when he was shot to death.

“They just got into a little mini argument and then five minutes later, he came downstairs with a gun,” Lowe said.

She said after Marks fired at Wren, he ran away.

“I know that he killed over nothing, (and) that I’m sure he’ll do it again,” said Sharon Wren, the victim’s mother.

At a vigil Sunday evening, friends and family lit candles, released balloons and told stories about Wren, who was an MMA fighter.

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  1. The victim was a MMA fighter so the Ape will claim that he feared for his life.Just ignore the part where he goes upstairs to get the gun.