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December 29, 2015 -- A brawl broke out at Sherwood Mall in Stockton, Calif. Saturday night.

Not to worry, police say, it's not a trend.

At one point police officers were surrounded by rioters until additional police arrived at the scene.

The local media reports the mall hired additional police officers during the holiday season. Apparently mall managers are getting a clue, so to speak.

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Police and security had to break up a fight at the Sherwood Mall in Stockton Saturday night.

A Stockton police spokesperson said two officers were inside the mall when it broke out.

"There was a large fight in the eatery, so when our officers responded, they saw security officers were trying to break up a large fight of approximately 40 to 50 juvenile males," said Stockton Police Department Officer Joe Silva.

Cell phone video of the fight was posted to Facebook, which shows security and police officers trying to break up the fight, while innocent people are fleeing the area. Silva said at one point things got dangerous.

"During the fight, a group actually surrounded our officers, but we were fortunate that other officers responded quickly and they were able to assist those officers and get everybody outside the mall," Silva said.

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