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December 21, 2015 -- Main Kampf, the book that stole the hearts of many Germans in the 1930s and made Adolf Hitler wealthy, is no longer banned in Germany.

To assure youths aren't influenced by the text, teachers unions want the book taught in schools to blunt its effect in impressionable minds.

The predatory left's worries may be well founded, but short sighted.

• First, the hand-wringing over a far-right Renaissance is a misnomer. Hitler was an avowed socialist; an economic and political perspective inconsistent with the values of the free-market right. Only in the twisted minds of liberals could socialism be considered "right wing."

• Second, the intent is to protect young minds from a dangerous philosophy. Granted, the Nazi's intolerance and disdain for certain people groups was inconsistent with Western values, but no more so than that of Islam that the predatory left welcomes with open arms.

• Third, we wonder if government schools are suited to reach outside the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Educators' ventures into sociology seems to do little more than produce brain-dead zombies who spout the immorality of cultural Marxism.

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An annotated version of Hitler’s infamous “Mein Kampf,” banned in Germany for decades, will hit the bookshelves in January. Now it will become part of the school curriculum to “immunize” teenagers against fascist ideas, the German Teachers’ Association says.

On Friday, German Teachers’ Association and the Social Democrats proposed that Hitler’s autobiographical Nazi manifesto be taught in high schools to help “immunize” youngsters against far-right ideologies.

“A professional use of excerpts from the [original] text for lecturing can be an important tool for immunization of teenagers against political extremism,” the president of the association, Josef Kraus, told Handelsblatt newspaper, arguing that schools cannot ignore Hitler’s book.

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