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December 31, 2015 -- Commentary — In a brilliant radio interview Louis Farrakhan reveals that Donald Trump is like an onion and if he becomes president America will keep going the way it's going. Thank you, Minister Farrakhan, for sharing your incredible insights. 

Minister Farrakhan  compared Trump to Pharaoh who, according to the Biblical narrative, told Moses and Aaron, I and my people are wicked. 

The minister stopped short of noting that Moses and Aaron rallied their people to leave Egypt and return to the land of their forefathers. Could this be an encrypted message to black Americans that Minister Farrakhan plans to lead people of African descent back to the continent of their ancestors? 

Surely the minister would not expect the righteous people of African descent to remain oppressed by a nation of wicked onions. 

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  1. No he wants everyone else to leave.Just as long as we keep sending money back.

  2. Thank You Mr. Farrakhan. You've helped make up my mind. TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!