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December 25, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A 31-year-old will serve only 16 years to life in prison for fatally stabbing and beating his wife.

Pseudo-feminists expressed no outrage at the crime or the light sentence.

Edly Atherley was sentenced a month after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder for the slaying of 28-year-old Ashley Atherley.

The couple had been married for five years and birthed two children.

Another report said the killer was 33 years old.

The crime occurred Dec. 1, 2013 in San Bernardino, Calif.

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On Dec. 1, 2013, police were called to check on the welfare of Ashley Atherley at an apartment she shared with her husband in the 2600 block of West College Avenue in San Bernardino.

When officers arrived, they found the victim dead in the bathroom. She suffered five blunt force trauma wounds to her face, including a fractured nose, a puncture wound to her back and a large stab wound to her neck.

Atherley fled the scene shortly before officers arrived and was missing for nearly two months, according to a news release.

The murder weapon, a large kitchen knife, was located inside the defendant’s apartment and was similar to a knife set located in the victim’s apartment, according to a news release. The defendant’s fingerprint was located on the knife blade.

A white GMC Envoy that Atherley had borrowed from his cousin was parked at the apartment complex. The victim’s blood was located on the center console, the glove compartment and the passenger door handle, according to a news release.

In December 2013, San Bernardino Police held a news conference on the steps of police headquarters to seek public help in finding Atherley. District Attorney Mike Ramos attended the conference and announced that Atherley had been charged with murder.

In January 2014, investigators received a tip about Atherley’s whereabouts. Shortly thereafter, he surrendered to authorities in Florida and was extradited to California to face murder charges.

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  1. Mudshark got bitten by the savage negro in the end - no sympathy on this end.


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