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December 1, 2015 -- Italy's prime minister is among those voicing opposition to a school headmaster who banned religious songs to accommodate Muslims.

Marco Parma, 63, unilaterally decided to replace a Christmas concert at his school with a winter concert that will have no religious songs.

Parma heads the Garofani comprehensive school in the small town of Rozzano.

Parma's effort to accommodate Muslims is causing division in a nation formerly united as a Christian culture.

The objective of the Islamic invasion of Western Europe is to destroy Western culture, including traditions such as Christmas celebrations.

Parma resigned after dividing his community and nation.

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Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has criticised a headmaster who banned Christmas concerts and carols in his school near Milan in the name of multiculturalism.

“Christmas is much more important than a headmaster being provocative,” Renzi told Sunday’s edition of Corriere della Sera.

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“If he thinks he is promoting integration and co-existence in this way, he appears to me to have made a very big mistake.”

Marco Parma, 63, prompted protests from some parents and a media outcry by deciding to postpone the annual Christmas concert for primary school pupils until January and rebrand it a “winter concert” which will not feature any religious songs.

The head of the Garofani comprehensive school in the small town of Rozzano has also confirmed saying no to two mothers who wanted to teach Christmas carols to the children during lunchbreaks.

“In a multi-ethnic environment, it causes problems,” Parma said, saying his decisions had been influenced by an unhappy experience last year.

“Last year we had a Christmas concert and some parents insisted on having carols. The Muslim children didn’t sing, they just stood there, absolutely rigid.

“It is not nice watching a child not singing, or worse, being called down from the stage by their parents.”

The school, which has primary and middle school sections, has a roll of around 1,000 pupils with an estimated one in five of non-Christian faiths, primarily Islam.

It is not clear what will happen next. Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing, anti-immigration Northern League, has called for Parma to be sacked immediately.

Parma said he is prepared to resign rather than back down and insisted he has the backing of the school’s teachers following much discussion of how to handle the sensitive issue.

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  1. What a fool! If you are White, Christian and breathing, why not just apologize for being alive. Do you think Muslims would curtail their religious celebrations because it might offend Christians? If you complained they'd probably kill you. Europe and America need to grow a spine.