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December 28, 2015 -- Sofian Zakkout had kind words for the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. The religion of peace leader also described Jews as the “grandsons of monkeys and pigs.”

Zakkout is the Director of the American Muslim Association of North America or AMANA. notes that Zakkout expresses divergent thoughts when speaking in English and Arabic. When speaking in English, he expresses a perspective of peace and reconciliation. When speaking in Arabic he spews hate.

Americans are being deceived by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other left-wing loons who insist that Muslims in America are peaceful widows and children deserving of our empathy. Apparently the predatory left has already forgotten that on Sept. 11, 2001 Muslims commandeered four American jetliners, two of which were flown into the World Trade Center.

Zakkout confirms that Islam is nothing more than a massive hate group.

Since Sept. 11, 2001 there have 27,513 confirmed Islamic attacks. During that same time the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and Irish Republican Army have committed zero terror attacks combined. Yet the predatory left continues to embrace the world's oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group.

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  1. Russia does not recognize Hamas or Hezbollah as terror groups, as Palestine is under Israeli occupation, like Congress. Not that I'm opposed to barring Muslim immigration, but Jewish immigration should likewise be banned.