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December 27, 2015 -- 44-year-old Ancelmo Maldonado Castillo was fatally shot in Roanoke, Va. Orencio Castillo Maldonado, 40, was arrested for the murder.

Maldonado is an illegal alien who had bben previously deported.

Police believe the suspect had been using meth and drinking prior to committing the crime.

The predatory left justifies open-border immigration, portraying illegal aliens as refugees from violent drug cultures throughout Latin America. In reality many are importing their criminal culture.

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Roanoke police have arrested an charged an man with murdering his half brother.

44-year-old Ancelmo Maldonado Castillo was discovered with a gunshot wound to his chest very early Wednesday morning, according to police.

Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

According to police, officers located another man inside the home on the 1900 block of Eastern Avenue NE.

That man was later identified as Castillo's half brother, 40-year-old Orencio Castillo Maldonado.

Evidence indicated that Orencio Castillo Maldonado had been drinking and using meth before some sort of altercation between he and Ancelmo Maldonado Castillo. police said.

According to police, Orencio Castillo Maldonado was in the United States illegally after being deported in 2006 following an immigration violation in another state.

Orencio Castillo Maldonado has been charged with one count of second degree murder, according to police.

Police said that Orencio Castillo Maldonado was identified at the Roanoke City Jail through fingerprints after giving officers a false identity.

Detectives have recovered what is believed to be the murder weapon and paraphernalia related to methamphetamine use by Orencio Castillo Maldonado.

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  1. This man is my father and I love that this is what is said about him by truly ignorant people. You say "please don't post rascist comments" then what do you call "illegal alien"? And being so bias and politically based to assume that this has anything to do w illegal drug trafficking? Lol are you people stupid? You probably support Trump and the recent epidemic on cops being overly gun friendly with blacks. America is turning to shit. Society, these days. Watch what you say about people's loved ones.