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December 1, 2015 -- One of the few victims of black-on-white violence to receive national media coverage allegedly bled from a shot to her head while the gunman watched.

Amanda Blackburn was 28-year-old and pregnant when black males allegedly entered her home and killed her. Her husband was away at a local gym during the attack.

The crime occurred in Indianapolis.

Blackburn lost her life Nov. 15, 2015. White privileged liberals refuse to acknowledge the extent of urban violence and condemn rational people who truthfully confront the epidemic as "racists".

White Americans suffer from a mental condition akin to the Stockholm Syndrome known colloquially as pathological altruism. The media have convinced white people that they are the oppressors of black Americans.

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A probable cause affidavit obtained by PEOPLE states that 18-year-old Larry Jo Taylor, Jr. – one of the two men charged with killing Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant wife of an Indianapolis pastor – allegedly stood over his victim after he shot her in the head and "watched her bleed."

The affidavit further states that Taylor used his gun to strike the 28-year-old mother in the mouth during the Nov. 10 home invasion. In fact, the blow was so powerful, it allegedly knocked one of the teeth from her jaw.

Taylor was formally charged with Blackburn's murder on Monday along with an accomplice, 21-year-old Jalen Watson.

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  1. Black lives matter? Not the lives of these two.

  2. Black Lies Matter