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December 1, 2015 -- Brenden Wilson, 16, was lured to a pathway near his high school where he was set upon by five savages, reports say.

The oldest of the savages, 21-year-old Kawain Smalls, entered a guilty plea to first degree murder. The plea was reported Nov. 30, 2015.

Wilson was brutally murdered in Nov. 2014.

Had a group of white savages brutally murdered a black teen, the coverage would likely exceeded that afforded Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Savage white-on-black mob attacks only occur in Hollywood and in the inventive minds of left-leaning historians who creatively tinker with America's past to create a false narrative that presumes whites -- and only whites -- were capable of racist violence.

Obviously, not all lives matter to the mainstream Marxist media. The media is only concerned with black lives that can be exploited to advance cultural Marxism. Blacks murdered by other blacks, white lives, and those massacred in "abortion clinics" seldom matter at all to the media.

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The shooter of a Woodbridge High School student pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Monday.

Instead, Smalls entered a guilty plea.  His younger sister is also charged in the case.  She's the one who apparently lured Brenden Wilson to a pathway behind the school known as 'The Cut' with the prospect of buying marijuana from him. Smalls jumped him and started firing.

Vikki Wilson says her son had problems with Small's brother, and "that's what this was about."

She said she thinks they lured her son there to rob and then kill him.

The day after the November 10, 2014 murder, a then 20-year old Kawain Smalls, gave a video-taped confession to police. Prosecutor Richard Conway read the transcript in court.

"After the shooting he said that he deserved it. He deserved to be shot, he deserved to be robbed, but he didn't intend for him to die. I mean, you shoot someone six times in the back, one in the side, the trunk, and one behind the ear. I think you're probably trying to kill him," said Carl Box, Brenden's grandfather.

The murder weapon was stolen days before the murder from a home next to the pathway.

"The sister knew the brother had the gun. I didn't know that (before today). That in my eyes is premeditated. There was going to be violence. Why didn't one of them say 'Stop.  Stop. No.'  Three siblings. Why didn't someone just say 'Stop'," said Wilson.

Smalls will be sentenced on March 14, 2015.  His attorney recommended 25 years behind bars. The Virginia Commonwealth asked for 50 years, but Brenden Wilson's family is hoping the judge gives him life.

Among the four other defendants, three of them are juveniles and they include a brother and sister of Smalls who pleaded guilty today.

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