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December 11, 2015 -- A 68-year-old woman in Britain has been sentenced and fined for exercising her inalienable right to free speech.

Rose White, 68, wrote a letter to a school expressing her displeasure that girls were forced to dress in Islamic garb and implying that Islam was Satanic.


White sent the letter to Mona Mohammed, the headmistress at a school in Manchester, England.

Islam is the world's oldest, largest, and bloodiest hate group. It is also embraced by the predatory left.

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Great-grandmother Rose White, 68, wrote in a letter: “I was saddened to see you enforce full Muslim dress and force pupils to accept the role of Satan”, after she saw photos of girls in burkas on the school’s website.

Manchester magistrates court heard White also sent Manchester Islamic High School for Girls’ headmistress Mona Mohammed a cartoon booklet called Is Allah Like You?, depicting a Muslim family with a cruel father who becomes kind after converting to Christianity.

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