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December 9, 2015 -- 16-year-old Larry Brown used his mother's handgun to execute a security guard in Tampa, Fla.

Reports say the motive for the murder was to steal the guard's gun.

Brown, now 19, was found guilty this week for pointing his mother gun at the head of Michael Valentin, 38, and pulling the trigger. After he had shot Valentin, the teen was unable to pry the gun from his victim's holster.

Brown used his mother's gun to rob two other men after the murder.

The murder occurred in 2012. The conviction was reported Dec. 7, 2015.

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Typically, a first-degree murder conviction would mean a mandatory life sentence without parole. But because he was a juvenile at the time of shooting, Brown could receive a lighter punishment. Before he is sentenced, a judge must hold a hearing to consider factors related to his age and prior criminal history, which in Brown's case is extensive.

Prosecutors said Valentin's death on Nov. 21, 2012, was not a murder, but a "slaughter."

He was standing guard when a teenager bicycled by and greeted him with a "What's up?" Valentin looked down at his phone to check his text messages and, in that instant, was shot by the bicyclist, prosecutors said. After failing to pry Valentin's gun from its holster, the shooter ran off.

It took several days for investigators to link the case to Brown, whose DNA was found on the bicycle abandoned next to the guard's body. The gun used to kill the guard was traced to Brown's mother, Nicole Bailey, who had noticed her 9mm Taurus pistol was missing on the day of the murder and immediately suspected her son.

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