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December 24, 2015 -- It's just your typical British family.

All  males. No mums, sisters, or wives. Their country cottage is actually smack dab in the middle of an Islamic extremist neighbourhood.

And they're all named Mohammad?

By now you've heard about the Muslim family prevented from leaving Britain en route to the USA to visit Disneyland.

Erase the 'family' image in your mind.

• One of the travelers in the 'family' group of 11 was denied entry to Israel ten years ago.
   He was detained in Tel Aviv for 8 days.
• A family member's e-mail address is linked to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
• The 'family' consists of two brothers and nine male children.
• One of the 'children' is 19 years old.
• There were no mothers or wives or sisters in this 'family' group.
• The entire 'family' of 11 are males.
• The 'family' lives in an area of Britain known for Islamic extremism.
• All 11 were all named Mohammad (unconfirmed report).

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And if it wasn’t enough that two Muslim men from an extremist area of England, plus their nine children were flying together without any women, to set off alarm bells there’s the fact that they have confirmed links with Al Qaeda.

Yup. Intelligence was received about a Facebook page connected to the family address, containing extremist material sympathising with Al Qaeda.

And if I tell you Tariq’s brother was also detained in Tel Aviv for 8 days before being ejected from the country (again ‘inexplicably’ - according to his wife) would you still be comfortable getting on board with them?

So I have a few things to level at Mohammad Tariq Mahmood.

Mo. I put it to you that you and your lovely British family were not off to Disneyland at all. I am not buying your story.

I find it utterly improbable two men with the entire Mahmood clan were travelling without the company of a wife or mother to such a family-orientated destination.

I have worked in Disneyland as a Security Guard. You don’t sound like our typical visitor group.

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