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December 28, 2015 -- How long would it take the European Union to deport all the illegal migrants currently living in the Schengen Area?

Answer: 143,000 years.

That's because the EU is deporting illegals at a rate of seven per day. Seven.

About 8,000 migrants arrive in Western Europe ever day. Seven of those 8,000 will ultimate be sent back home. That less than one-tenth of a percent; or 0.0875.

To put this in context, what the odds of Islamic insurgents being deported once they set foot on European soil? About one in 1,143.

Those who oppose the displacement of Western culture by Islamic savages are demonized as "Islamophobes" and stigmatized as "xenophobes." Patriots are routinely accused of being Nazis and racists.

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BELEAGUERED European Union bosses are deporting just SEVEN out of the 8,000 migrants who arrive on Europe's shores every single day, it can be revealed.

Fewer than 0.1 per cent of the asylum seekers who have made it to the continent since September have been sent back home, despite Brussels boasting it will get tough on economic migrants.

At this rate, it would take an astonishing 143,000 years to repatriate the 1million refugees believed to have travelled to Europe in 2015 alone, if they all failed their asylum bids.

The revelations came as EU member states continue to effectively retreat on a deal to relocate migrants across the continent by refusing to take in their quota.

Official statistics show just 658 migrants have been put on return flights since European border force Frontex pledged to kick out failed asylum seekers in September.

A paltry 15 services have been put on by border bosses since the scheme began, with just TWO leaving the continent in the last two months.

In October European leaders agreed to speed up the deportation of economic migrants, saying member states "must do more in terms of return" and arguing that "increased return rates should act as a deterrent to irregular migration".

But since then the number of return flights has actually nosedived, and fewer than 100 people were deported in November and December.

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