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December 9, 2015 -- The remains of Robbie, 69, and Ina Lotters, 64, were found at their burned out farm house this weekend.

Neighbors rushed to the home when they noticed the flames. They found Mr. Lotters with several head wounds lying in front of the house. Items stolen from the house were found scattered in nearby bushes.

Mrs. Lotters remains were found Monday inside the house that was completely destroyed by the fire.

The crime occurred in Polokwane, South Africa.

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The bodies of an elderly Modimolle farm couple have been found on their burnt out farm following a robbery at the weekend, Limpopo police said on Monday.

On Sunday evening, the neighbours of Robbie, 69, and Ina Lotters, 64, noticed that there was a fire on their farm.

"On arrival, they found the body of Robbie Lotters lying in front of the house with the house on fire," Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto said.

She said the house was "completely destroyed".

The man’s body had several wounds to the head, said Otto.

Around midday on Monday, Ina Lotters's body was found inside the burnt out house.

Post mortems would be conducted on both bodies to determine the cause of death.

Several items that were taken from the house were found scattered in the bushes, including a quad bike.

No arrests have yet been made.

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  2. Clearly, they died from "natural causes".