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December 21, 2015 -- On the heals of two studies that confirm terrorism turns minds away from the predatory left comes news from American Renaissance that the organization is attracting unprecedented new interests.

A fund-raising letter from founder Jarod Taylor reveals AmRen's videos are attracting a new generation of young Americans., has been viewed over 1-million times since May, 2015, he says. "60 percent of those visitors are under 35 years old."

"[O]ur videos had been viewed 342,000 times over the previous year. I thought that was promising, but in just the last six months, they've been watched another 640,000 times—nearly quadruple the previous rate!" he wrote.

The organization is seeking funding to upgrade its video production division. Taylor says they need:

— New lighting equipment. You can’t make good video with bedside lamps. Ideally, American Renaissance should have two tungsten lights. 
— Better video editing software. The software we use is outdated. We'd like to use a pro-quality program called Adobe Premiere. It’s expensive. 
— A physical studio. We now shoot videos using a green screen in our office. If we built the background for a real, physical studio it would give us a much more professional look.
Donations to AmRen may be made by clicking here ►

Select videos featuring Taylor may be viewed on's video library page.

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  1. this is good news.

  2. Great news indeed.

    Let's send Amren a Christmas gift!