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December 19, 2015 -- White people no longer feel safe at Sam's Club and are seeking refuge from hostilities, anti-White micro-aggressions, black privilege, and hate speech by fleeing to Costco.

Costco provides a safe place for white people.

Sam's Club and Costco are competing wholesale clubs that require paid membership.

White people feel uncomfortable shopping at Sam's Club after it's CEO, Rosalind Brewer, made disparaging remarks about white men.


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#BoycottRacistSamsClub because black CEO #RosalindBrewer is anti-white. As a white person, I no longer feel safe at @SamsClub or @Walmart.
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  1. whatever they touch they ruin, how did this groidess get in that position.

  2. There's a Sam's Club less than a mile from my home. I had intended to get a membership. Now I will not.

  3. Had a membership for over 30 years, and would've dropped it sooner had there been a Costco closer to me. However, I may just suck it up and make the drive and drop my Sam's membership.


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