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December 31, 2015 -- If British MP Oliver Letwin wishes to salvage what's left of his tattered reputation, he must grovel before the forces of cultural Marxism and demean himself with an exorbitant show of contrition.

It's the anticipated fate of anyone who dares tell the truth about race relations. Just ask James Watson.

Let the media circus commence.

What's up with this?

First the background ...

Britain was first introduced to major race riots in 1981 when black communities exploded in exuberant violence.

The media, of course, blamed "deprivation."

Not so fast.

OIiver Letwin, an adviser to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, reminder her that white people have lived in deprivation for generations without social breakdown.

Then the "scandal" ...

Letwin's comments — written in a private, personal note in 1985 — became public this week.

Considering Letwin's position as a tenured and respected member of parliament, the predatory left pounced with predictable accusations of racism.

Letwin is also Prime Minister David Cameron's policy chief.

Meet the devil behind the details  ...

Leftist loon Darcus Howe whined: 'If a black man had said something quite like that he’d have been called into Scotland Yard and he might be charged with incitement to riot. It is bordering on criminality'.


Howe is a black broadcaster in Britain, an immigrant from Trinidad who came to the British isles to enjoy the enhanced lifestyle afforded by Western technology.

It's true to form:

• Black racists riot.
• Race realists note the hypocrisy.
• Apologists of black violence demean realists as "racist" and demand apologies.

The predatory left cannot tolerate truth-telling. It undermines their agenda. To silence honesty, the predatory left stigmatizes truth-tellers as "racists" until they capitulate, confess their imaginary sins against Marxism, and grovel in hopes of retaining some semblance of dignity.

Forever shamed, humiliated truth-tellers serve as a warning to honest people of the future: Speak up and this, too, will be your fate.

And so we are silenced as the Marxists have their way, destroying our cultures through exploiting the most vulnerable of society.

End note: Howe's uncle and mentor was C. L. R. James, a noted communist agitator whose best-known works of non-fiction: World Revolution (1937), was praised by Leon Trotsky. James, in fact, was a member of a Trotskyist group in London.

True to form, the predatory left maintains it parasitical existence in free market economies where they profit from false claims of injustice until the life of their host societies is bled dry.

But don't say anything. They'll call you a "racist."

Please report typos...

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. Once again, Enoch Powell was right. Look him up.