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December 21, 2015 -- Two black males were arrested last week for the murder of 23-year-old Nichalas VanZelf.

VanZelf was killed at his home in Watertown, NY.

Arrested on murder charges are Freddie "De'Von" Southerland, 19, and Devonte Bumpars, 19.

Amanda Camardo, 18, a white female, was arrest for second-degree robbery.

Detective Stephen Bachus said the three went to VanZelf's apartment to rob him, "and with the intent to kill the victim...Southerland fatally stabbed the victim in the chest," according to news reports.

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Watertown Police arrested three people Friday night in the stabbing death of 23 year old Nichalas VanZelf at his home on Winslow Street earlier in the day.

Police charged Freddie "De'Von" Southerland, 19, 707 State Street, with first degree murder; Devonte Bumpars, 19, from New York City,  with second degree murder and Amanda Camardo, 18, Cape Vincent, with second degree robbery.

Southerland and Bumpars appeared in Watertown city court late Friday night - they're being held without bail to appear again Monday morning.

Camardo also appeared, was ordered held on $25,000 bail, and she'll also reappear Monday.

Police said patrols arrived to find VanZelf suffering from a stab wound to his chest early Friday morning; he died at Samaritan Medical Center shortly after.

VanZelf's brother told 7 News that Nichalas was stabbed and died from cardiac arrest at the hospital at about 6:15 a.m. Friday.

In court papers, detective Stephen Bachus said the trio went to VanZelf's apartment to rob him, "and with the intent to kill the victim...Southerland fatally stabbed the victim in the chest."

Bachus also said Southerland "admitted to elements of the crime..."

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