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December 30, 2015 -- David W. Marble Jr., 29, was arrested during a traffic stop for the murder of Eric Williams, 35, and Bonnie Royer, 26.

Police said the couple was found fatally shot in their SUV in Manchester, Maine. The alleged killer lives in nearby Rochester, New York.

The murder occurred on Dec. 25, 2015.

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Marble was arrested in June 2010 in Rochester and charged with beating and robbing a man in that city. According to records from New York state, he was sentenced to prison on a conviction for robbery, third degree, and was released on probation in May 2011.

Marble’s nickname on his Facebook page is “Dee Money.” A post from Tuesday, apparently by Marble, says, “This was a good Christmas after all everybody got to present this year and I was not in locked up.” Another of his posts, from Monday, says, “Forgive me GOD FOR I HAVE SIN. Spiritus Sancti.”

Within minutes of Marble’s arrest, relatives of the dead couple began posting comments on his Facebook page.

Williams and Royer were boyfriend and girlfriend, said Royer’s father, Paul Mansir Jr., of Whitefield.

A longtime neighbor of Eric Williams said the relationship was relatively new and that before that, Williams had been in a relationship with a different woman for years. Both the Chevrolet Trailblazer in which he died and a Buick Century were registered in the names of Williams and his former girlfriend. He also owned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle featured prominently on his Facebook page.

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