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December 5, 2015 -- A man suffering from an apparent lack of white privilege was murdered in Omaha, Neb. this summer.

Arrested this week for the death of 54-year-old Timothy Rasmussen, is 42-year-old Kak Thoan.

Thoan was incarcerated at the time of his arrest, being held on robbery and assault charges.

In 2008 Kak Thoan was arrested for biting off a portion of a mans's lip while engaged in an apparent drunken bite-fight with two other Africans in America.

According to a news report,

The men were drinking beer when an argument started. Ruon told officers Thoan was ”talking trash” and was asked repeatedly to leave.
Ruon reported that as he struggled with Thoan near the door, Thoan bit him on the lip, Vitera said. Thoan and Ruon may have been arguing about something that happened in Africa, although the exact topic is unclear, Vitera said.
Thoan told officers Ruon's cousin was so intoxicated he kept dropping his beer so Thoan told him to stop drinking. The remark angered Ruon, who then punched Thoan and bit his cheek. Thoan said he retaliated with the bite to Ruon's bottom lip, Vitera said.
Dhan Gatkek, 36, witnessed the fight and, when he tried to break it up, one of the men bit him on the left bicep. He told officers he was unsure which man bit him, Vitera said.

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Omaha police have made an arrest in the murder of a homeless man earlier this year. Timothy Rasmussen, 54, was found dead near 24th and Harney on June 10. Friday, the Omaha Police Department book 42-year-old Kak Thoan in connection with Rasmussen’s death. Thoan was already incarcerated in Douglas County since June on robbery and assault charges. Rasmussen’s family said he struggled with homelessness on and off for years. Thoan was booked for criminal homicide and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

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