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December 22, 2015 -- The German central bank or Bundesbank has warned that the massive number of Islamic insurgents pouring into Germany can't work.

The reason: Their youth and inexperience. There is no job market for Muslims who can't speak German, have no work experience, and are uneducated.

The bank estimates the number of insurgents — called "refugee" by globalists — invading Germany will be about 1.5 million by the end of 2017.

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Many of the refugees arriving in Germany could initially find it difficult to get a job because of their young age and lack of qualifications, the German central bank or Bundesbank said on Monday (Dec 21).

The Bundesbank estimated that the net immigration of asylum seekers - the number of inflows minus outflows - could total over one and half million between 2015 and 2017.

Of these, "the share of non-employed persons will probably remain comparatively high for the time being as many newcomers will first need to acquire German language skills and other qualifications," the central bank wrote in its monthly report.

Germany, the EU's biggest economy, this year looks set to take in one million people fleeing war and misery in what the government has said is its biggest challenge at least since national reunification a quarter-century ago.

Germany will take in more refugees than any other country in Europe, but many people are worried about the economic consequences of doing so.

The Bundesbank said that, initially, the rate of participation of the new arrivals into the labour force would be "just under 50 per cent." That was "well below" the average for the general population, roughly three-quarters of which is in the workforce.

The aggregate labour supply was projected to grow by around 520,000 persons - or one and a quarter percent - in cumulative terms until the end of 2017, the Bundesbank said.

But, "the results of empirical studies suggest that this additional pool of labour will initially push up unemployment owing to low or irrelevant skills as well as cultural and linguistic barriers, with refugees only gradually gaining a foothold in the labour market," the Bundesbank said.

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  1. What do politicians care, since the money they give away isn't going to be theirs? This is an intimidation technique against native, ethnic Germans, meant to dilute their influence over govt., either by diminishing their votes, or to use in suppressing their rights because of the need to "embrace multiculturalism" or because this will precipitate a national emergency that requires repressive powers for the govt. to deal with. Either way, politicians get what they want - more power.