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December 21, 2015 -- Teachers in Johnson County, Texas may soon be carrying firearms, thanks to a decision made by an area school board.

By a 6-to-1 margin the Keene School Board not only voted to permit teachers to carry firearms, but voted to buy the guns for the teachers.

Teachers will also be given training and certificates.

Sons of Obama, beware!

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Staff members in Keene ISD could be carrying guns on its Johnson County campuses as early as mid-February following school board approval of the “Guardian Program.”

By a 6-1 vote Wednesday night, Keene’s school board set in motion a chain of events designed to make their schools safer against a scenario like the one at Sandy Hook in 2012.

Still to come: Concealed handgun license training and certification of all candidates, as well as physical and psychological screening, specialized training, and final authorization by the school board.

Keene ISD Police Chief Tim Kosar plans 80 hours of training for Guardian Program participants in order to maintain proficiency and ensure safety.

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