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December 22, 2015 -- Ebenezer Scrooge would be a rank amateur compared to the Sultan of Brunei.

Banned from the Muslim nation are Christmas trees, carols, and Santa hats. And the Sultan didn't even consult the ACLU (far as we know.)

Christians are allowed to celebrate Christmas, providing no Muslim sees them.

Oddly, the Sultan properties — including the Beverly Hills Hotel — are decorated for Christmas in full view of any Muslim.

To our knowledge the Sultan has never ordered homosexuals to be tossed off the roof of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Yet.

Meanwhile, Hillary continues to advocate the importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, many of whom agree with the Sultan's religious fervor.

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The super-rich ruler who stones gays, now bans Christmas: Sultan of Brunei threatens Muslims who celebrate it with up to five years in prison while Christians must keep theirs secret

Christmas trees, carols and even Santa hats are off in the Borneo nation

Muslims caught celebrating are threatened with up to five years in prison

The nation's non-Muslims are allowed to celebrate in their communities

But revealing their celebrations to Muslims would also lead to jail time

In 2014 the country introduced an anti-gay Sharia Penal Code, which includes the execution of any Muslim for sodomy
The sultan owns the hotel chain with the Beverly Hills Hotel and Dorchester among others - and those properties are decked out Christmas

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  1. moongod and climate change same thing bullchit, thanks dingy white women of america for voting in a fraud. since 1898 the fed was enacted and 2 world wars with more fun ahead.

  2. How pathetic your religion must be and how afraid are you of the righteousness of its message when you must use force to ensure that the population follows it? These people have to know, deep inside, that their "prophet" was nothing more than a murdering, raping pedophile and bandit.

  3. oh separation of church and state