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December 2, 2015 -- Pseudo-feminists are again ignoring the brutal rape of a woman by migrants.

The unnamed woman was raped by five Nigerians in a "dilapidated" country cottage in Italy.

Reports say the victim fell unconscious while drinking with the men. When she awoke she found herself naked and held captive for five days. She was repeatedly raped and forced to take narcotics. Reports also say her captors allowed other migrants to have sex with their captive in exchange for a fee.

The age of the victim was not disclosed, but reports said she was young enough to live with her parents. The parents say they were unconcerned when the girl went missing. She frequently stayed with friends, they said.

The crimes occurred in Caltanissetta and were reported Dec. 1, 2015.

Arrested are Cross Agbai , 34, Wibo Majesty, 31, Amaize Ojeomkhhi, 27, Lucky Okosodo, 23, and Lawrence Ko Oboh , 40.

• Hillary Clinton advocates increasing the number of African migrants allowed to enter the United States, pretending they are primarily widow and orphan refugees.

• The report is reminiscent of Louis Till, a black American soldier who was hanged after being convicted by a military court for raping a Italian woman during WWII. Louis Till was the father of Emmett Till, 14, who was notoriously murdered after molesting a white woman in 1955.

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  1. Too many white women are hopelessly naive - often thanks to schools and the MSM, which fail to clue them in that negroes are dangerous and even spread a gospel of tolerance for these violent savages.