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December 22, 2015 -- A 51-year-old man was beaten to death at a Texas gas station.

The savage beating of 51-year-old Robert Barnes by three female savages was captured by a security video camera.

Aleathea Gillard, 34; Shareena Joachim, 24; and Kaisha Duggins, 24, face a preliminary hearing on murder charges.

Barnes was homeless and earned income by pumping gas for patrons at the Sunoco gas station. A ten-year-old boy was doing the same and, apparently annoyed by Barnes presence, complained to Gillard, his mother. The boy accused Barnes of assaulting him when, in reality, the boy sustained injuries when he later fell from his bike.

The false report prompted his mother to return to the gas station in her minivan along with others including the other defendants and at least three juveniles. Upon arrival the group attacked the lone and helpless Barnes with a broken chair and hammer.

Urban savages frequently attempt to settle offenses by gathering relatives and confronting their accused offender.

The attack occurred in April, 2015 and Barnes died from his injuries Nov. 25, 2015.

From we read:

Evidence showed the boy lied. But based on that claim, Gillard, who lived about 1 1/2 blocks from the gas station, allegedly got into her minivan with other people who were in her home at the time and went to the gas station seeking revenge. Gillard allegedly pummeled Barnes in the head with a piece of wood from a broken rocking chair. Duggins allegedly hit him in the head, legs and feet with a hammer. Joachim allegedly tried to spray him with Mace, but instead accidentally sprayed Gillard's then-13-year-old son. The 13-year-old boy; Gillard's then-12-year-old daughter; and a 14-year-old male friend participated in the attack. In June, they pleaded guilty before a Family Court judge to charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy.
Privileged white liberals will be pleased to know that Obama, via the The Department of Housing and Urban Development, announced a dictate in July that will allow the government to persecute communities that have the effect of housing discrimination, even if unintentional.

That is, when white flight results in whitopian suburbs, those communities may now face the wrath of the federal government, not because they are intentionally predominantly white, but because being predominantly white is the same effect as intentional racial discrimination.

In short, the federal government isn't going to protect your liberal white ass from urban savagery just because you are a pinhead liberal. It's akin to the invading Bolshevik army that ravaged Poland and Germany as World War II ended. Russian thugs gang raped millions of women indiscriminately, including women who were Jews and communists.

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  1. another groid hate crime not reported by msm its in the thousands.

  2. well, it was all coming together their until you got to the russian army 'raping and pillaging' jews and anti-nazis alike'. . actually. . the wheels may have begun to fall off at the 'housing discrimination' tie in. But it was working there for awhile. and it was beter than nothing.