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December 17, 2015 -- Two rapists were granted parole from prison prematurely.

Kenneth and Michael Thornton, now 57 and 53, were sent to prison in 1984 for the abduction and gang rape of Wanda Jones Miller. The brothers severed 31 of a 40-year prison term.

Miller was abducted outside a restaurant in 1983 and taken to a party where, stripped naked, she was paraded through the house and held captive in a room where she was raped and tortured for seven hours.

To our knowledge Hollywood has not made of movie of her ordeal nor have any feminists of note spoken out in protest. Because the white woman was raped by black males, the crime fails the vetting process of cultural Marxism that focuses exclusively on black victims of white oppression.

The crime occurred in Birmingham, Ala.

School children are forced to real the white-guilt fiction,
To Kill A Mockingbird. Few are made aware of the
reality of black-on-white rape.

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It was a hot August night in 1983 when Miller, a young real estate agent, and her then-husband attended a birthday party at Baby Doe's.

While she waited out front for him to bring the car around, three men pulled up. Stanley Wilson, a stranger to her, picked her up, shoved her into the car and then ripped off her clothes and raped her en route to Pinson.

They went to the home of brothers Kenneth and Michael Thornton, both of whom were in the car and took part in the abduction. Once there, her kidnappers led her through the home naked in front of a house full of partygoers. For seven hours, in a room with twin beds, Wilson, the Thorntons and four other men took turns raping her. Twice, Kenneth Thornton took her into the bathroom, got into the tub with her and made her take a bath.

Wilson finally drove Miller to Roebuck and dumped her. Miller was able to identify only Wilson and the Thorntons. ''Throughout the night, they seemed to be the faces I focused on, the faces I saw the most,'' she said in an earlier interview. "'They never would tell us the names of any other people.''

At trial, Wilson and the Thornton brothers claimed Miller had consented to the sexual activity. The jury didn't buy it. All three were convicted. Wilson was sentenced to life, the Thorntons to 40 years each.

Miller said before and during the trials, other women came forward with similar stories involving her attackers. ''This was not the first time they had done this,'' she has said.

But there was no evidence to try them and it was up to Miller then to help send and keep them away. ''We hoped my case would be enough to keep them,'' she said.

Keeping them there wasn't always been easy. In 1992, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the trio had to be retried based on jury selection issues. They eventually pleaded guilty.

Still, Miller continued the fight to keep her attackers behind bars, attending multiple parole hearings and filing a lawsuit in 2000 when the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held a hearing without notifying her and granted parole to the Thornton brothers. Eventually the parole was stopped and the laws were changed. Every few years, they come up for parole, and each time Miller and her supporters have gone to Montgomery to fight their release. The last parole hearing was in October 2010. After hearing testimony from both sides, the parole board unanimously denied release and set 2015 as the next time they would come up.

Despite her many treks to Montgomery, Wednesday's mission was different. With their sentences set to be up in nine years, Miller wanted more control over the release. With this early release, they will have conditions to follow which they wouldn't have in nine more years.

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