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November 17, 2015 -- Remember Rachel Dolezel?

She's the Spokane, Wash. woman who got a perm and tan, then tried to pass herself off as being black.

She's back.

This time, says Huffington Post, Dolezel plans to enact social change by not making white babies. Dolezel has a beef with white privilege.

That's akin to me affecting social change by refusing to play NBA basketball.

Then there is April Lawson in Chicago.

Lawson actually appears to be blackish, but who knows these days.

Taking a cue from a Spike Lee movie trailer, Lawson plans to fight gun violence by refusing to engage in biological activities usually responsible for making babies.

That's akin to me affecting social change by declining to be Pope. (Have a look at her photo.)

It seems to me there will be a zero sum outcome between Dolezel and Lawson. Dolezel won't be producing whitish babies and Lawson won't be producing blackish babies.

Hopefully other women of the Dolezel-Lawson mindset will follow suit. The outcome will realized in 18 years when fewer Democrats are available to vote.

Or, consider how the world would be different had Ann Dunham attempted to affect social change by using a Dolezel-Lawson strategy.

Read Dolezel's story here ►

Read Lawson's story here ►

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  1. It's true, liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    1. yep and that groid lover is the type of white women that voted soetoro in and is dangerous to all white europeans in the world.