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November 3, 2015 -- By now you've likely seen the video of a Chicago teacher being tormented by her class in a government school.

The video is posted below for those who have not seen it or wish to view it again.

What you may have missed is...

• The class is tiny.

Government school advocates tell us that small classes allow teachers to maximize their teaching potential while assuring they can retain control of classes.

What they don't tell us is that tiny classes require more teachers and that bolsters the influence of teachers unions.

When I attended school in the 1950s and 1960s, virtually every class averaged 30 students. By reducing class sizes to 15 students the number of required teachers doubles. It also doubles the size of teachers unions, their lobbying efforts , and their coffers.

• There's a video device present.

The mayhem experienced by this teacher is not an anomaly. Had no one bothered to record the incident on a cell phone, it would have gone unnoticed. The fact remains that such insane behavior is often the norm in schools populated by urban savages.

Imagine the outcome if every class room in every government school were required by law to stream live video whenever the room is occupied. Imagine if every parent had access to that stream -- both live and recorded archives. Imagine if every hallway and closet were monitored by video devices streaming to the public. Imagine if every state required that every restroom and locker room be monitored on site by an adult.

Or -- imagine government schools were replaced by school choice.

• Certificate requirements should include tenure in urban schools.

What if all school teachers were required to begin their careers teaching in urban schools? What if they would not be granted a teaching certificate until they successfully completed five years teaching in urban schools? How would that affect their perspectives on white privilege? Often noted on this website is the fact that reality is the antidote for the cultural Marxism virus.

• Where is the 'What Would You Do?' crew?

What Would You Do? is a television program aired by ABC. The show is hosted by John QuiƱones.

Image source
Each episode includes three segments in which hidden cameras capture the reactions of individuals to staged awkward situations. The second segment of most episodes is a lesson on multiculturalism. A glance at the show's website reveals a section titled, "Racism". The unsuspecting who challenge racism, as presented by the show, are praised for their courageous stand.

Where is the What Would You Do? crew in the above video? Why does the show never confront anti-white racism? One episode captured a man being rude to a member of the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group, Islam. The Muslim was portrayed as the victim; the offending white man was the obvious villain. The show has never included a scenario in which a white Southerner toting a Confederate flag was attacked by left-wing loons.

Never has the show's crews filmed on a high school campus where urban savages run wild. Never has the show featured an elderly white person being physically and verbally abused on an urban transit system by black thugs. Never has the program's crew hidden in an urban school closet to record black students abusing a black teacher dedicated to helping the very individuals who attack her before asking us, 'What would you do?'

• Where is the union? The Dept. of Education? The Rutherford Institute?

We wonder if the teachers unions will come to this woman's aid. We wonder if the unions will admit that tiny class sizes don't resolve the teaching dilemma. Will the unions demand police presence? Admit that homeschooling and private union-free schools are more efficient and effective in providing quality education? Or will they find another excuse to somehow blame white privilege and racism for this tragic episode?

We wonder if the Dept. of Education will apologize for advancing its disparate impact myth.

Will the DOE admit it was wrong in insisting that government schools suspend black students at the same rate as white students, even though black students misbehave at a rate much higher than white students? Will the DOE amend its demand by requiring male students be suspended at the same rate as female students, even though male students misbehave at a much higher rate than female students?

We wonder if The Rutherford Institute will reverse its opinion and support the officer who enforced discipline in a Virginia school last week.

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Image credit: ABC TV

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  1. this is every school in the world, the teacher is clearly mentally ill, but everybody in the video is, i take that back its typical black behavior its genetic.

  2. blacks are clearly THE problem print it.