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November 16, 2015 -- An estimated 10,000 ready-to-die Muslim terrorists reside in France, compliments of the government's autocratic authoritarian globalist government.

French president Fran├žois Hollande responded to last week's Islamic terrorist attack by lobbing a few bombs on ISIS strongholds, talking tough, and temporarily closing the nation's borders.

(It reminds us of George Bush sending 6,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border in 2006; a shallow pretense of force intended to shush his critics. The Guard did little more than drink coffee before returning home.)

The government could have tossed suspected Muslim terrorists out of France. Had that occurred, however, the predatory left would compare it to the Trail of Tears when some American Indians were relocated (many by boat) to Western states.

Imam Mohammed Khatabi was so terrified by Hollande's action that he delivered a sermon in which he declared Muslims should rule France.

Let's do the math: 10,000 Muslim terrorists divided by 64 (the number of paratroopers that a C130 transport plane will accommodate) would require 157 trips to Syria. That's assuming, of course, one plane is used and no parachutes. If 157 C130s are still available, the job could be accomplished in a single, one-way trip using auto-pilot.

Westerners do not see Muslims as human, the Imam admitted.

I wonder why.

Since the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, Islam has committed over 27,000 terrorist attacks.

Let's do more math.

That's over 1,900 attacks per year or about five per day.

By comparison the Klan and reputed neo-Nazi groups have committed zero terror attacks of which we are aware. Yet the predatory left assures us that these "far right" groups pose a serious danger while Islam, leftist loons contend, is victimized by xenophobes and bigots.

I think the West can afford to scuttle 157 C130s in Syria.

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