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November 20, 2015 -- First contestant is Hillary.

Hillary -- formerly known as Hillary Clinton formerly known as Hillary Rodham Clinton and now just Hillary -- says Republicans are opposed refugees forming cells, er, uh, colonies in the United States because the GOP hates orphans.

Is there a connection?

Apparently Hillary believes the millions of Islamic insurgents invading Europe in recent weeks are very tall children without parents but with beards.

Second contestant is Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy.

Malloy contends that Indiana's governor Mike Pence is a homophobe because he refuses to allow Islamic Syrian insurgents to migrate to Indiana.

Yes, there is a connection. If you fail to see it it's because you are blinded by white privilege or some other social malady common to sane people.

Malloy has determined to exonerate himself from any indication of homophobia by allowing 10,000 members of the world largest homophobic hate group -- Islam -- to colonize in Connecticut.

You can see the connection, right?

Third contestant is Bernie Sanders. The controlled opposition to Hillary's presidential campaign said something extraordinarily stupid.

Bernie contends that climate change -- formally known as "global warming" -- is the nation's most pressing security risk.

But hold on. There's more.

Sanders proceeds to declare that climate change is the primary cause of Islamic terrorism. (Note that Sanders, being a genuine globalist nutcase, omits the word Islamic and simply calls it "terrorism.")

Sander's says global warming, er, uh, climate change is not only related to terrorism, but it's directly related to terrorism.

And the winner is: [click here for drum roll]  Bernie Sanders.

The socialist Senator from Vermont managed to incorporate two stupid concepts in a single thought.

Congratulations, Mr. Sanders. You are the winner. You will receive one-billion Zimbabwe dollars.

Please report typos...

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