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November 23, 2015 -- For those of us who attended majority-black high schools, this video is not particularly shocking.

I recall many times when black students assaulted teachers, security guards, white students, and each other. In fact, I recall an English teacher (who was white) forced to contend with a near-identical situation. That was 45 years ago. Not much has changed.

Consequently, I believe teachers would be better equipped for their careers if there were required to (a) take self-defense classes instead of being brainwashed with white privilege nonsense and (b) new teachers should be required to intern for five years in majority-black urban schools as a prerequisite to receiving a teacher's certificate.

The next time you watch ABC's What Would You Do? program, recall the image you view below and ask yourself, "What would I do were I student in this classroom?"

The assault occurred at Mackenzie Elementary and middle school. in Detroit and was reported Nov. 27, 2015.

In 1970 there were no hand-held video devices.

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