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November 14, 2015 -- The efforts of former U.S. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder to end disparate impact seems to be reaping unwarranted rewards in the nation's schools.

See corresponding video below.

Holder's intent was to force government schools to discipline black students at the same rate of students-of-lesser-color; the intent was to remove the negative impact caused by savage behavior on future job prospects of today's marauding black students.

The decrease in discipline, however, resulting in an increase of savage behavior.

Who woulda guessed? Certainly not pinheadian liberals.

Example: In July Pittsburgh's Woodland Hills School District complied with Holder's insanity. The district implemented plans to remove the racial discipline disparities. That move garnered an invitation to the White House by Barack Obama. [source]

Fast forward to October 26.

An "expert" lamented the fact that racial discipline disparities remained in the Pittsburgh district.

"[R]esearchers consistently noted different treatment for black students within the classroom and subsequent referrals for many infractions that can be deemed subjective in interpretation, including disrespect, excessive noise, threatening behavior and loitering," the expert concluded.

Savage behavior is subjective to interpretation?

In the days following the expert's conclusion, we a brawl broke out on a school bus in the district. For readers whose white privilege prevented them from attending majority black high schools, that roughly translates into "unrestrained black students pummeled white students until police bothered to show up and put an end to the melee." [source]

Such attacks are common. A few are even video recorded via smart phones. Fewer still are uploaded to social media and, in rare occasion, those few may be noted by a local news media venue.

Such was the case in Pittsburgh.

A local TV station reported the brawl, including a video. The images were intentionally distorted, ostensibly to protect the identities of the juvenile participants but, we suspect, to obscure the reality that white students were being pounded by undisciplined black students. [source]

It should also be noted that the school district is demographically 60 percent non-Hispanic black, 39 non-Hispanic white, and one percent Hispanic.

The Edgewood Primary school (k-3) is the site of constant teacher assaults by kindergartners. Since the school year began 4 teachers and one librarian have resigned. The school is part of the Woodland Hills School District. [source]

• I believe that every government school classroom should be equipped with streaming live video. Cameras would also be placed in hallways, closets, etc. Restrooms would be monitored by responsible adults. Cameras would also be placed on government school buses with public access made available to both live streams (when available) and recordings.

A second, more practical solution to savagery at school would be an end to the government school monopoly.

• The distribution of Obama phones to urban youth helps document the racist violence. The media, always careful to affirm the cultural Marxism my that black Americans are oppressed by white privilege, usually ignore the video documentation.

• Holder's letter to government school is tantamount to a government edict allowing blacks students to create havoc in schools, including unrestrained violence target people-of-not-their-color.

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